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July 23rd 12:34 PM // REBLOG // 14 notes
Anonymous: i reaallllyyy love all your characters in dream*scar!!! I have an OT3, it might sound a bit weird but i jusy really ship Rylie, Vix, and Kou together. Thats my number one OT3. But i totally ship Kix, Kylie, and Vylie. They are all just so friggin cute and interesting and ahhhhhhhhh.... >//W\\< sorry i just really love your characters!!!!

Aahhh thank you!! xD I am glad you like them buutttt like omg… are you guys serious right now. First the Kylie thing and now this LOL! ‘Kylix’ is my fave porn pairing XD You can actually see the very few sfw Kylix posts on my normal art blog under the kylix tag … lol. [i think that’s all of them anyway…i might have some untagged ones floating around too lol]

Speaking of, I might as well add the first Kylix pic I ever drew to the collection… [warning - it’s over 10 years old]:

[if you wanna see the nsfw stuff, you’ll have to go off anon or msg PM me elsewhere…or find the blog yourself, which some people did already lol]

July 23rd 10:43 AM // REBLOG // 6 notes
Anonymous: Oh wow I feel dumb for not realizing that Kylie and Kou were your OTP!! Well I'm glad I'm not alone XD

I know it was a typo but… now I am imagining Rylie with two Kous and I just think she’d be so excited about it lmao.

July 22nd 10:43 AM // REBLOG // 2 notes
Anonymous: What did you use to make and host your website? What advise would you give to someone hoping to build their own website for hosting their own comic?

I…I have to admit, I know absolutely nothing about making a website xD;;;;  My husband does all that stuff for me. But I’ve heard good things about ComicPress [thru WordPress] tho. A lot of my webcomic buddies use it since they don’t have a hubby to code their site for them haha.

You can always try a free webcomic host too if you want to just jump in and worry about getting a custom site later. SmackJeeves and TheDuck are a couple I know about…there are probably more out there tho.

Sorry I don’t have any really useful advice otherwise tho. I am not joking, I can barely HTML my character page, it’s a wonder the images and text even show up on it at all.  [pls don’t look at my coding on there — josh attempted to clean it up once and just gave up rotfl]

July 19th 8:19 PM // REBLOG // 6 notes
rommierin: Hi. So, I'm the author of Soul to Call, and I noticed you put my banner on your links page. First of all, I've been following dream*scar since at least 2011, and I really admired you as a webcomic artist. I must admit that one of my webcomic goals was to one day have you notice my comic. So yeah. I've been bouncing since you left that comment on page 56. I AM JUST REALLY FREAKING EXCITED. SO HAPPY YOU'RE ENJOYING SOUL TO CALL. THANK YOU FOR THE NICE THINGS YOU PUT IN THE FLAVOUR TEXT. THANK YOU!


FOR REAL THO I WISH YOU’D SPOKEN UP ABOUT IT IN MY COMMENTS SECTION [yes i recognized you lmao] cos ffff it’s so guuuud and I could have been reading it much sooner ahfgsdhfs 

[people, you should check it out.]

July 19th 2:08 PM // REBLOG // 13 notes
Anonymous: I feel like I'm in the minority seeing as how I ship Rylie and Kou, I don't particularly like Vix at this point, not that I don't dislike her.. I'm just enthralled with all the other characters, I'm weird, I'm sorry.

Dude you do realized that Kylie is 100% my OTP right.  WE’RE ON THE SAME BOAT. THE SAME BOAT!! TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!`!

[you and me]
[omg we’re so fucking cool]

July 17th 9:36 PM // REBLOG // 4 notes

hahaha just kidding. :’D

but there is a new page.

also the vote bait is the last few pages of that old kix comic…as if i need to confuse you people anymore about how these characters actually feel about one another lmfao.

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Anonymous: Hey Hchano, you like character generators right? Well, I think one you've used before updated! It's got facial hair and stuff like that, here's the link: rinmarugames(.)com/game/?game_id=421


July 17th 10:22 AM // REBLOG // 4 notes

wip… my only regret about this pic is how much i had to crop it…

it’s a kylix pic btw
[where is vix, you ask?]

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