Izzie came over and handed my phone to me with tumblr open and this picture in the upload tray…so she took a pic and tried to upload it on her own.

i don’t even….

edit:  did i mention she’s not even 2 years old

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Anonymous: Did Zeke get all weird and dream-state like when he was talking with Vix, too? Or was it just a one way thing?

It was just Vix.

Spoilers: Zeke’s vampire power is roofies

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Anonymous: Does Kou think Vix is pretty

is..is this the same anon…? LOL

And I guess??? He definitely wouldn’t call her ugly ha… but it’s like an objective, “oh this person is pleasing to my eyes" kind of way lol

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Anonymous: Hey, hey, I'm curious. Did Vix ever have a crush on Kou? Does/Did she view him in a sort of paternal manner, since he always protected her, or is he just her guardian?

Hahah I actually hadn’t thought about it much before, but I think that’s a pretty easy yes. Like, she probably had a crush on him growing up… i mean like mysterious hottie ‘guardian angel’ — it’s kind of romantic XD mostly it was one of those school girl crushes like you’d get on a teacher or something. But that all went away when she actually met him lmao…not just less than romantic personality but also the fact he knocked her mom out and was kind of a dick about the whole thing lol…

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New page!

Also pls vote, i spent way too much time on the art for it to go unseen lmao

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page is up~

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Page is up!

You have really nice artwork, but I get distracted by how big and well-drawn Arianna’s breast are. 

oh my god

headscratchers: 6 - 14 - 19. do it up.


back to these now that my wrist is healed up~ will try to do one a day or so.


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bday giftart from panny!! panny’s unicorn girl, my vix, and kat’s rabbu, whom i like to think is sniffing vix’s hair here lmao [i could ship it.]

panny’s use of colours makes me scream. it’s so fuckin cool D8 /faceindirt  I HONESTLY CAN’T COMPREHEND IT

wow transparent png’s on tumblr go all glitchy, huh

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cintiq, ahhhhh! this is gonna take some getting used to…!