More tips below the cut:

All of this was done in Photoshop CS4. Literally everything I know about art and photoshop is self taught, so there are probably a lot of quicker/easier way to do these things, but this is how I do it haha. Feel free to ask questions or offer advice/critiques on my method! [but don’t bother pointing out the typos…i’m just too lazy to fix them! xD]

Enjoy :)


I did end up editing the page a bit more after this, so you can see the finished page [over here.]

Did my best to make this thing tumblr friendly, but you can view it in full [over here.]


In addition, I’d like to list some useful hotkeys that anyone using photoshop should know, cos this shit will streamline your process:


The move tool; move and resize your image;  holding SHIFT while manually resizing something will keep it the same proportions [assuming you are working from the corner]. CTRL will distort. ALT will..make things all fucky [personally haven’t found this one super useful lol]

Paintbrush tool. Holding SHIFT will allow you to draw a straight line [pen pressure applies here]; you can also tap the pen at one point and another to do diagonals. ALT [+ click] will copy the colour you are hovering over.

Eraser. [similar modifiers to brush, but ALT will lay down your current background colour]

Magic Wand

Lasso tool

Select tool. CTRL+D will deselect yo shit.

Fill tool

Shape/Line tool


swap between foreground and background colours. [comes in handy when painting]

Zoom tool. ALT will zoom out.

0 thru 9
toggles opacity while on brush/eraser. [0 will bring it to 100%, 1 is 10%, 2 is 20% etc]

SHIFT+ 0 thru 9
toggles flow

Save! Use this often! [and save backups imo, sometimes obsessive saving can be detrimental]

There are other hotkeys, but these are just the ones I find I use every time I am in photoshop! You can check out all your shortcuts by going EDIT >  KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS …

Thanks for reading! Hope you learned at least one new thing :)

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